New in Wise Technician 2:

If you ever wanted to know:

  • How to deal with tough customers
  • How to turn a simple job into a lucrative project
  • How to get paid what you are worth on every job, every time
  • The proper way to set your rates
  • How creating procedures will help your company immensely
  • Some surprising social marketing techniques that will get you jobs quick
  • Crucial information on getting suppliers
  • Which is better: remote jobs or face-to-face work?
  • How to easily find the pain points in your customers
  • How Apple can make you a ton of money
  • Some real life, workable networking methods that are proven to get you a ton of business
  • What role hardware plays in making your company better than ever

…then this product is the one you don’t want to miss!

Attention Technicians!

Attention Technicians
Chris Barre – Master Technician and Instructor

Wise Technician 2 – The latest product in the series!

Wise Technician 2 has just been released to the public.This is a product for computer repair technicians who want to make their businesses expand. It is mainly addressed to the skill that most technicians lack – SALES!  Chris Barre is a rare breed of technician who as well as being a great technician, also has vast sales experience and that combination has taken his business from nothing to incredible numbers in a very short time.  The Wise Technician series is his attempt to deliver that knowledge to you. Be prepared to learn things you never thought you needed to know, and then to kick yourself and wonder how you ever lived without them. By following the advice Chris gives you can expect a drastic increase in your sales numbers and a much more prosperous business.

Audio Version Also Included!
Do you like listening to shows in your car, phone or music player?
We thought about you too! Included with purchase is the audio version of the full set of videos recorded in high quality 128kbps mp3 audio!

Here’s a look into the members section to see the scope of the videos you’ll receive!

Wise Technician 2 Members Area Screenshot

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Wise Technician 2
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P.S It’s time to make what you deserve as a computer repair technician. For too long techs have been making far less than what their experience, expertise and knowledge demand. These videos were designed to turn that around! It’s time to make a killing doing what you love to do. And we hope you’ll love the videos!


If for whatever reason you do not like the product, we respect that and are offering a 60 day, “no questions asked”, money back guarantee. All we ask is that you give the videos a try and apply the information delivered to your everyday actions. If you do, we know that your income will be in an entirely new plane and this investment will have been worth every single penny! But, if for whatever reason you feel they did not help you we respect that as well and will promptly refund you.

All videos are in .mp4 format. Quicktime is preferred for best viewing, but videos can also be watched with Widows Media Player or VLC player.